Dearth Advocacy Award

Dearth Advocacy Award

AlaQuest Collaborative for Education (ACE) is the 2017 recipient of the Dearth Advocacy Award, an initiative established by Children’s of Alabama in the early 2000s to honor the memory, work and tireless commitment to advocacy of former Children’s CEO Jim Dearth, M.D. The Dearth Advocacy Award made it possible for ACE to expand its in-class social and emotional learning programs to include all three elementary schools in the Fairfield City Schools system, reaching an additional 973 students. For nine weeks every spring, each classroom receives a once-weekly workshop focused on building knowledge and skills in kindness, teamwork, self-regulation, empathy and responsible decision-making. ACE workshops are facilitated by community volunteers, retired teachers, social workers and university students who are trained and dedicated to making social and emotional learning an integral part of K–12 education in Alabama. Click here to learn more about ACE.

Trauma Prevention Program

The Trauma Prevention Program is a one-day educational experience for adolescents with minor driving offenses or who have committed a misdemeanor offense such as reckless driving or driving under the influence. A joint effort between Children’s Trauma Services and the Jefferson County District Court, the program illustrates the consequences of risky behavior and educates participants about avoiding such risks in the future via better decision-making. Participants receive information about the effects of drugs and alcohol on their physical and mental capabilities, as well as the most common injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Participants also witness a “trauma code” demonstration by Children’s Pediatric Simulation Center.

Safe Teen Driving Program

The Safe Teen Driving Program includes events such as UR KEYS 2 DRV, a partnership among Children’s, State Farm, the Alabama Department of Public Health, the Alabama Department of Transportation, Drive Safe Alabama, the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Alabama Sports Festival Foundation. In 2017, UR KEYS 2 DRV hosted one-day seminars in Alexander City, Daphne, Oxford and Selma, educating 791 students and 91 advisors from 60 high schools. The keynote speaker was Mike Lutzenkirchen, executive director of the Lutzie 43 Foundation, an organization he established in honor of his son Philip, a former Auburn University football player, who was a passenger in a fatal car crash in which alcohol played a role. Students also attended breakout sessions focused on helping teens become safer drivers and passengers.

School Nurse Workshops

Nearly 500 school nurses from across the state attended three skills workshops hosted by Children’s this summer. Children’s partnered with Alabama Department of Education school nurse managers to assign videos that previewed before the nurses attended the workshops. Vaping, concussion, diabetes, and allergies and epi pens were among the various topics discussed. Upcoming workshops will also include general pediatric assessment/child abuse. Plans are underway to replicate similar skills workshops in community college nursing programs that are partners of Children’s. Members of the Alabama Association of School Nurses and their district chairpersons will be included in these future offsite skills workshops.

Poison Perils

The Regional Poison Control Center (RPCC) at Children’s launched Poison Perils, a free app that helps identify potentially dangerous plants, snakes, insects and common household items. Users can connect to a specialist in poison information in the RPCC in the event of an emergency with just the touch of a button. Poison Perils is available for both Apple and Android devices.